When Words Fail, Music Speaks

July 14, 2016

What is it that makes music so appealing and how did it become such a big part of our lives? 


Nature gives us musical inspiration everyday.  Birds sing, the ocean roars and thunder rolls.  What about the tempo of falling rain drops or the tapping of a woodpecker. At some point humans took those sounds of nature and developed them into controlled noises.  It has always puzzled me...why?  What drove humans to take these natural noises and turn them into symphonies or marching bands.  How did we get from the wind whistling through a tree to Ludwig Van Beethoven's symphony No. 5?  What took us from knocking a stick on a rock to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon?  


The entire planet relates to music, every culture, every country, every person.  Infants are soothed to sleep with it, kids dance to it, adults pay money to hear it live, the world pays billions of dollars each year on music.  We are exposed to it our entire life.  I've seen alzheimer patients that haven't communicated for long periods of time, come alive again and start singing.  I've watched as my children, in utero, reacted to hearing music outside the womb. So, what is it that caused us to use nature as our inspiration and create what we call music?   It's simple...Emotions!


Music is a language.  The language of emotion, that can only be spoken through notes and melody and tempo.  Humans, by nature, are emotional creatures, needing a way to communicate or feel these emotions. Music provides this outlet, both for the listener and the musician.  Whether it's joy, sadness, excitement or anger...music gives us the ability to experience and relate to those feelings through a beautiful language. "When Words Fail Music Speaks".


I Invite you to take some time today to listen to some new music.  In case you need a little inspiration here are some ideas.


RENN -  Heartache and a Song



The Marcus King Band:  Soul Insight



You & Me:  Rose Ave.



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When Words Fail, Music Speaks

July 14, 2016

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