June 30, 2016

Saturday, June 25th was a happy day for the Big Echo family, as one of our own is now celebrating her happily ever after! Congratulations to Emily and her new husband Ethan! She’s #FinallyConley


From invitations to flower balls, this talented designer gave a new meaning to DIY, and got the office involved too. I have to say, we’re thankful that the hot glue guns are finally put away and we can relax a bit. Emily’s poured a year's worth of blood, sweat and tears into this absolutely stunning wedding that the Conley’s could truly call their own.


How did she make this all possible? We ask Emily in this week’s blog about her DIY wedding experience.



Something beautiful and totally practical for this outdoor ceremony were the program fans! Thanks to Emily’s graphic design skills, designing these were a breeze! Just grab a fan stick, a couple glue dots and some paper, and we were all able to keep cool, read a little, and have a souvenir.




The Conley’s sense of humor shines through with this DIY, a fun quirky handmade chalkboard to remind guests to stay classy! Perfect penmanship right? No, you cannot run a chalkboard through a printer, so what Emily did is actually pretty simple. Print off your saying, rub a piece of white chalk on the back, tape it to the board, trace over the letters on the front side, remove the paper, and you’ve got all the outlines you need! Just add a steady hand to go over it with liquid chalk and Voilà!




This memorable palette was SO EASY to make! Gather up some frames, quotes, letters, whatever you want, spray paint them your desired color pallet, and arrange! The best part is, it leaves a keepsake for her to hang in the home post wedding!




Easy and totally practical bouquets and boutonnières! Not only was she able to make these early on since they were fake, but everyone was able to save them too! Just a gather the flowers together with some floral tape and then wrap in burlap and twine to give it the rustic/chic look!




Since the couple got married in a state park, the send off had to be eco-friendly and not fire related whatsoever so we showered them with birdseed for the send-off and fed the birds breakfast in the morning. Win-win!




Although these flower balls were absolutely adorable lining her isle on shepherds hooks, we are so glad that we are not making these in the office anymore! They’re simple to make, but time consuming! Grab a styrofoam ball, a BUNCH of flowers, and start making holes/hot gluing. Although we’ve got scars from the hot glue and are probably still vacuuming up bits of styrofoam these were totally worth it.