June 15, 2016


So this is a real thing, we’re bringing back the blog! Every Thursday we’ll be posting a new blog for you to take a little coffee break and enjoy. We constantly push the importance of Social Media and Blogging, so it’s time we practice what we preach and GET TO WORK! So often we find ourselves working so hard for our clients that our own social and blogging efforts are the things that get sacrificed… well, NOT ANYMORE!


So be ready Big Echo followers, we’re going to be covering a slew of topics and also giving you behind the scenes looks on our commercial shoots and other projects. For you visual learners… we’ve got INFOGRAPHICS, and let’s be honest, we all enjoy a good infographic, so join us every Thursday. Just ten minutes of your time, max. Trust me, we’re fans of the “short story” and won’t absolutely bore you to death.


So what exactly do you have to look forward to? Take a look at the topics we will be covering and PLEASE, by all means, make your own suggestions and we’ll do our best to work those in as well. :)


- Book, product, music, art and film reviews.

- Interviews with co-works, clients and artists.

- Tutorials - Emily is a bit of a crafting wizard and in wedding planning mode :).

- Infographics!

- Client work and behind the scenes shoots.

- Lists & fun facts.

- Myth-busting!

- New technologies in advertising.

- Marketing secrets, but not too many, because we’ve still got to eat. :)

- Q&As!

- and so much more!!


So we hope you’ll take the time to join us on Thursday. Your encouragement and engagement is what keeps us going.


Stay tuned…

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