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The Bronco is BACK!

Ford Motor Company built a time machine in 2020 and re-birthed the iconic Ford Bronco.  Paul Miller wanted a big launch of the new vehicle and needed to build anticipation leading up to the big reveal.  We were given a vintage bronco and told to go "get it dirty in the mud”…so that's just what we did. 


Building a Legacy

Paul Miller asked us to capture the excitement of the Ford Motor Company and the Big Blue Nation all in one commercial.  We scheduled the coaches, scouted the video shoot locations, hired the crew and went to work shooting and editing a commercial that captures the Legacy of Paul Miller Ford.

Ford = Family

Paul Miller asked for a commercial that captured the family aspect of Ford.  So we developed a storyboard that would show the relationship between father and son and how Ford was with them throughout the years. Following in dad's footsteps is what Ford stands for.

Black Friday

What better way to show the convenience and “can do attitude” of the FORD Explorer than to take it on a huge Black Friday shopping spree.  Paul Miller told us to make it fun and make the FORD Explorer part of the holiday shopping trip.  Cue the moms, the Christmas lights and the egg-nog…it’s time to go shopping.

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