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It Pays to Go Green

How do you show happy customers in the competitive industry of banking? You give them gigantic balloons of course!  This green balloon campaign was one we were able to build off of and pin-point the happy customers as well as perks offered by Kentucky Bank. The two day shoot included several pieces of talent, locations and cameras to achieve a very memorable and effective campaign.


Serving the community while protecting its safety is important in 2020.  Kentucky Bank wanted a community commercial that utilized Tom Leach (voice of the wildcats) and Jerry’s in Paris, Kentucky.  Using the Black Magic camera and drone we captured a commercial that shows the community spirit of Paris and Kentucky Bank.

Old Friends and New Friends

How cool would it be if everyone’s dog went to the bank for them? In Cynthiana, there’s a special dog named Zeigler that did just that.  Community is number one when it comes to Kentucky Bank, so we took our crew and camera down to meet Zeigler and film his story.  Zeigler’s story made for easy storytelling and an even better TV commercial.  This is community banking at its best!

Everyday Heroes

To truly show the community bank aspect, we told the stories of Kentucky Bank employees in their communities.  This particular commercial captured an employee who happened to coach a T-Ball team.  This allowed Kentucky Bank to showcase their “everyday heroes” lives outside of the bank setting most of the community sees them in. The RED camera with a special lens package really gave this commercial a great look.

Thank You

Kentucky Bank wanted to showcase the success stories of customers they helped start a business. This led to a  series of testimonial spots where we interviewed the owners and told their stories.  Using the RED camera we shot several locations with lots of different backgrounds and success stories partnering with Kentucky Bank.

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