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Our Promise... EVERY TIME!

Fayette Heating and Air takes pride in not only doing their job right, but doing it right EVERY TIME.  That’s why we developed the EVERY TIME Promise and went to work building a campaign that showcases what makes Fayette Heating & Air the premier HVAC company.  Using the RED camera, drone and multiple locations, we edited a series of commercials that are still airing years later.


Man on the Street

Big Echo hit the streets of downtown Lexington for this Fayette Heating and Air campaign. We decided it was best to let the public tell us what they knew about Fayette Heating & Air...and their competition.  We hired the perfect male talent to approach and interview these people and turned him loose.  Using the RED camera and video gimbal to walk the streets of Lexington we were able to capture some very honest opinions.


The Comfy Club

What’s the best way to tell people about an awesome service you have? Happy customers of course! For this project we spent 4 full days interviewing current Comfy Club members and asked them to share their experiences and satisfaction with their membership. This campaign was labeled a success as it increased their membership numbers by almost 40%.

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